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Author - Prabhakar Kukdolkar
Price - Rs. 150
No. of Pages - 128 Pages
Size - 21cmx15cm
Web Price - Rs. 145
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    The author had been forest officer and shares his experiences in this book.

    While in emploment with the forest department, author came upon varied life threatening incidents while catching wild animals like Leopards, Indian Bison etc. Some other experiences like the animals and other watchers and the media are also counted. So the question remains as to catching the animals and rescuing them far of in the forests is the sole remedy or is there any other.

    The two incidents when the author had captured a leopard in 1999 and a bison in 2000 in Pune city are described very neatly in this book. Mostly author has done work of capturing leopards and putting in cage rather than observing various animals in the forest. Hence author has pledged appology and has dedicated this book to the leopards. Author has also pointed out certain factors like the care to be taken while in a wildlife sanctury. Further information is also provided as to the space required by the animals, their life, encroachment by humans on forest which focuses also on the conservation of the forest that suits from the title as well.

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