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Author - A.R. Rahmani
Price - Rs. 1300
No. of Pages - 364 Pages
Size - 22cmx20cm
Web Price - Rs. 1250
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  Language - English
    About The Book
The current book is about Ducks, Geese adn Swans of India along with their status and distribution. It displays the available information on Indian Anatidae species in one document. The main purpose of the book is to disseminate the available information and to stimulate collection of better information on the species in the book providing useful for serius reseaches and decision makers.

Birds are come of the best indicators of the environment. With the looming dangers of climate change and massive destruction of wetlands, we need to monitor bird populations for effective conservation measures to save them.

The book provides a useful representation of ease specie, with its distribution, daily activity, survey region wise illustated with map of India and photographs of birds. Population size, habitat and ecology and conservation status are few aditional facors covered for each specie in India.
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