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Author - Anand Palande
Price - Rs. 35
No. of Pages - 48 Pages
Size - 22cm x 14cm
Web Price - Rs. 35
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    Author Anand Palande has been visiting Sinhagad fort since last 3 to 4 decades now. With the keen interest in history, he visited the fort and Sinhagad being hard and steep, he considered it as a practice for the Himalayan expedition. But also found interest in historic monuments, and history of the fort.

    Sinhagad is a witness of 700 years and is a strong and unconquerable fort very near to Pune. Now due to ignorant attitude of the visitors on the fort, the historic parts i.e. fortification and other parts are getting destroyed and if its is not brought under control, then it will remain a normal mountain losing its natural and historic importance.

    The book is a good effort to let us know the history of the fort and urges us to restore this historic fort as well as a soldier. The book covers the spots on the fort to be visited, wildlife, caves, temples, remains, history of the events related to the fort, map of the fort and various short stories related to it.

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