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Author - Amrit Verma
Price - Rs. 0
No. of Pages - 126 Pages
Size - 24cm x 18cm
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    In this book, author Amit Verma has tried to acquaint readers with the origin and concept of fort. It also includes details on construction, art, architecture of ancient, medieval and modern forts with the primary functions of protection from enemies. Author also mentions the provisions in the fort to store water, ammunition etc. which helped army to face the assault as well as to carry out aggressive designs against army outside.

    Author briefs the importance and history of each fort given in the book. Author describes various forts like forts of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Deccan, Afghan forts, Mughal forts, Maratha forts, South Indian forts and some other forts which proved important in history.

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