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Author - Dawood Dalvi
Price - Rs. 1200
No. of Pages - 349 Pages
Size - 25cm x 19cm
Web Price - Rs. 1200
First Edition Date - 10/2004
Current Edition Date - 03/2014
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    This is an amazing reference book related to caves, carvings and scriptures in Maharashtra. Dr. Dawood Dalavi introduces the book with the cultural and historic importance of Maharashtra. These carved curves are one of the major contributions to Maharashtra's importance. But except only a few famous caves rest all the 800 caves are not taken care of.

    These caves are categorised with Hindu, Buddhist and Jain caves and the style of the carving. Most of these caves are not maintained and are in a bad state due to natural atmospheric conditions, animals and humans.

    One of the aim of author to write this book is to maintain this cultural wealth of Maharashtra by all of us.

    The book also depicts the indepth knowledge of the author as he mentions the list of the caves all over Maharashtra and also describes some vital aspects of caves and some caves in detail.

    He gives a brief description of a few caves at Bhaje, Kondhane, Bedse, Pitalkhore, Junnar, Bhimashankar, Lenyadri, Shivneri, Karla, Nashik, Aurangabad, Kuda, Gharapuri etc.

    Also author briefs us about Gods and Goddesses, scriptures in the caves and their importance.

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