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Author - A.P. Jamkhedkar
Price - Rs. 275
No. of Pages - 320 Pages
Size - 24cm x 16cm
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

     The book is of history of the ancient period of maharashtra which includes the major points of architecture and art from beginning period to yadav period.

     The book explains the various ,caves,the forms of architecture and temples of western Maharashtra. These are various types of caves and styles of temples.Temples,carvings,inscriptions on rock as per the Rastrakutas and Shilahar.The purpose of the carvings and their relation to the society prevailing.

    Aspects of temple with their parts ansd significance are properly illustrated with photographs. From the excavation,the vital aspects which were revealed in every cave which differ according to various dynasty.

     Various caves like Ajantha,Ellora,Elephanta others in Maharashtra are considered with temples. First part of the book consists of various caves all over Maharashtra with their architectural details. Second part consists of the details of temples and various types in Maharashtra.

     Subsequent parts consist of the sculptures and drawing in maharashtra bifurcated periodwise along with brief information of comosition of o town,water bodies,of composition of a town,water bodies, Rememeberance tomb,wells etc.The book consists of the reliable details as being of the Maharashtra state Gazetteer.

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