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Author - B.K. Banik
Price - Rs. 700
No. of Pages - 338 Pages
Size - 22.5cmx14cm
Web Price - Rs. 630
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  Language - English
    About The Book

    Mainamati - Lalmai area is a small strip of hilly land in the Comilla district on the eastern border of Bangladesh. This hilly-range area, though small has yeilded a rich treasure of Sanskrit inscriptions and archeological artifacts belonging to the period of 7th to 13th centuries C.E. A comprehensive and coherent reconstruction of history from this rich evidence was a long-felt desideratum. The present study fulfils that lacuna in an eminent way.

    The author gives a brief geographical and geo-ecological survey of the area and of its arecheological sites and excavations.He then sets the full Sanskrit epigraphical material with photographs of copper plates etc., their transcriptions and translations as also other archeological artifacts like coins, plaques, pottery, images etc. From this evidence, he then reconstructs the political history with kings and dynasties of this area and corroborates it from artifacts and geographical identifications of locations mentioned in the inscriptions. The book will be of much interest to historians, archeologists and students.

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