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Author - A.R. Kulkarni
Price - Rs. 75
No. of Pages - 176 Pages
Size - 21.5cm x 13.5cm
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    Maratha history as the title is alloted by the British historians but is confusing, as it suggests a sort of history based on a region. In 18th century the marathas had nearly conquered all the areas in India and the British had a tough time to gain control over the full power of Marathas.

    Considering the Indian history, the maratha history forms a very vital part and is constituted accordingly. Chattrapati Shivaji formed the Maharashtra state in 17th century and it was transformed into Brihanmaharashtra state in 18th century. Nanasaheb Peshwe also got strong hold in the north making position of marathas stronger. Likewise marathi sardar also fought and reached till Travancore, Jinji & Pondichery. But from Bajirao II marathas received a set back and due to internal reasons the western countries started growing stronger.

    In this 1st part, authors described the pre-shivaji period, Shivaji's start for the swarajya, Shivaji administration and war with Mughals, Adilshah and portugese, coronation of Shivaji till death of Aurangzeb. The period links between 1630 and 1707.

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