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Author - Gangadhar Mahambre
Price - Rs. 25
No. of Pages - 32 Pages
Size - 21.5cm x 14cm
Web Price - Rs. 25
First Edition Date - 08/2014
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  Language - Marathi/Modi Lipi
    About The Book

    After the Modi script was introduced, it was used vastly in the period of Yadavas, Shivaji and Peshwes. Basic Marathi as a language had Modi script in writing. The Yadav practiced this script since year 1260. This script has its own features as it can be written fast and without lifting the pen point. This script was practiced not only by Indians, but also by the British.

    This script was taught in the primary schools, and was used till the pre-independence period in Maharashtra. All the historic documents in Peshwa era and some government documents in Chennai and Mysore were also written in Modi script.

    But now mostly hardly anyone knows about this script of historic importance. Many historians have studied this script for unveiling the historic documents. But in order to keep script alive with our heritage, many scholars have formed organization working on it. It is used for translating the ancient documents mostly. Author keeping the urge to keep the script alive has brought up this book to learn the script.

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