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Author - A.R. Kulkarni
Price - Rs. 180
No. of Pages - 142 Pages
Size - 21.5cm x 14cm
Web Price - Rs. 165
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    The current book is an overview of the history of India in eighteenth century. It was the period controlled by the Marathas and the operations mainly were carried out from Pune. During the tenure of Shahu Maharaj, Satara was the capital, later the political operations of Peshwes were taken into account and Pune i.e. Shaniwarwada became the main location for operations from the tenure of Bajirao I. Except Balaji Vishwanath, the rest six Peshwa characters and lives were formed and linked to Shaniwarwada.

    Hence, the Peshwe were recognized as from Pune only. Author describes the ups and downs during the tenure of Peshwas and also covers up the brief cultural life of Pune which led to Maharashtra's overall development.

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