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Author - Damodar Magdum
Price - Rs. 500
No. of Pages - 288 Pages
Size - 24cmx18cm
Web Price - Rs. 475
First Edition Date - 02/2014
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book
Author, a keen researcher and historian, visited many places where the battles were fought and where lives were sacrificed. He inspected some memorials to these men, many of which are in shambles. But he has vowed to resurrect their memory.
I have been researching on Shivaji, his governance style, warfare and forts. I came across names like Kanhoji Jedhe, Yesaji Kank, Bandal Deshmukh, Babaji Dohar Dhumal Deshmukh, Umabai Dabhade, a woman who was a commander and others whose stories are hardly heard. said Author.
In this book Swarajyache Shur Senani, author has compiled the information of more than 80 warriors, author visited the places where these unsung heroes fought battles and also traced out their descendants and collected authentic information from them.
While collecting the information, authors objective was to bring the glory of these soldiers in the open. This book speaks volumes about these heroes and also has rare pictures and messages. Author also mentioned that some memorials are in a bad shape, while some are buried under earth. Several descendants and people who are concerned about the restoration have come forward to save the memorials.
Author intends to use the money earned from the book sale to restore the memorials that are spread across the state and in some other parts of the country.
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