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Author - Atul Dhamankar
Price - Rs. 300
No. of Pages - 112 Pages
Size - 18cmx24cm
Web Price - Rs. 270
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book
Tiger, a wild animal characterized with cruelty, fear, and grace is the most popular in the people of India. This royal animal with nice black stripes on yellow colour, fierce eyes, wagging tail has such image that all the forest animals are on their toes as tigers can also attack huge animals like a wild cow, with the sharp teeth, nails and immense strength. Author himself has observed the tigers for last 13 years in the forest. His studies reflects the antithesis to the cruel image of tiger, depicting 'tiger as a gentleman.'

Author has presented the thrilling and exciting experiences which he underwent from the jungle, which has been quite a tough task for him. Various aspects about tiger are given in the book like origin of tigers, hunt, reproduction period, youngones of tigers and their life, territory of tigers, conservation of tigers.

Book makes a wonderful read to know all about siting at home.
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