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Author - Anuradha Kulkarni
Price - Rs. 480
No. of Pages - 301 Pages
Size - 27.5cmx21.5cm
Web Price - Rs. 430
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    This book relates to various specimens of original historic documents in Modi script, and its transliteration in devnagari script.

    One can get an idea as to how various types of documents were generated, used and read during the types of medieval administration. People knowing modi script and urging to practice it will find this book helpful as this book introduces ancient marathi correspondence. This book is divided into 5 sections, of which the first part has types of letters namely 'mahjar', 'Khurdkhat', 'Inampatra', 'Adnyapatra', 'Sawadpatra', 'Takidpatra', 'Hukum', 'Hukumnama', 'Rajinama', 'Nemuttar', 'Tahanama', 'Samapatra', 'Kataba', 'Jamaan katba', 'Muchalaka', 'Farkat', 'Jahirnama' etc and their users. Second part consists of specimens of modi letters and their transliteration. The third part has modi references useful while reading the script. Basic references are utmost important as without them, it becomes hard to read the script.

    Fourth section has the translation of various Farsi, Arabic and urdu words, which come across while reading Modi script. This section is very helpful and important for those who know the transliteration without meaning.

    This is important reference book for Modi script.

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