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Author - A.S.Pathak
Price - Rs. 400
No. of Pages - 256 Pages
Size - 21.5cmx28cm
Web Price - Rs. 400
First Edition Date - 2001
Current Edition Date - 09/2017
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    'Baarav' means a well. Between 8th to 12th century, numerous temples were built in Maharashtra. In the same period, development of wells came into practice and various creative wells were built considering Maharashtra. Kankaleshwar has well in Beed district, which is splendid example of uniqueness.

    In the same way, the important of small ponds (kunda) was developed and started to be built in various forms of ponds ,wells, pushkarni etc

    Till now many books have been written on temples in and around Maharashtra, but this is a rarely found book on detail. Author has visited 115 places for the research on the wells and describe present state of the wells

    The book contains further information of various stone carings, literature, folk tales and importance of particular place in form of articles. Information regarding the ground examination and its requirement for building a well and the formation of a well is included with description of some traditional types of wells and maps of some important wells in Maharashtra.

    Due to the drawings given by the author it has been easy to understand the technology of building a well.

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