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Author - A.P. Jamkhedkar
Price - Rs. 395
No. of Pages - 99 Pages
Size - 21.5cmx14cm
Web Price - Rs. 390
First Edition Date - 2009
Current Edition Date - 2011
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  Language - English
    About The Book

    This is a short book with the brief introduction of the world heritage site Ajanta caves forming a lucid and informed guide to the monument and its history. Ajanta is situated about 106 kilometers from Aurangabad in Maharashtra which has the caves about 700 years old. Discovered in 1819, Ajanta was declared a World Heritage site in 1983 as the caves represent the peak of Buddhist art in India.

    The book takes readers to the enthralling voyage of the thirty caves, its patrons, religious background, architecture of viharas and chaityagruhas, themes of the sculptures, paintings and painting techniques. The book also presents a succinct account of the monuments and museums around Aurangabad. The accompanying visuals, maps and glossaries enrich the narrative. Tourists, visitors to the site as well as art historians and architects will find the book invaluable.

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