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Author - Kumud Kanitkar
Price - Rs. 750
No. of Pages - 216 Pages
Size - 25cmx18.5cm
Web Price - Rs. 735
First Edition Date - 2013
Current Edition Date - 2013
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  Language - English
    About The Book
Ambarnath Shivalaya is a 1000 year old temple in Ambernath, a town located about 4 miles south-east of Kalyan, in Thane district of Maharashtra. The top of the temple spire, the most prominent feature in any temple, collapsed a long ago, but the sanctum and the temple hall are intact, and, devotees visit the temple regularly.
This medival temple was located at the crossroads, geographically and culturally, presenting and aesthetic blend of many styles. It has a Bhumija shikhara found in temples built by Parmaras of Malwa. The portal jambs and the ceiling of the vestibule reveal Chalukyan influence whereas the lintels, faceted pillars, and the platform show similarity to the temples built by the Solankis of Gujarat.
Stylistically, the temple is Bhumija, a term that refers to the style of the spire. The architecture of Ambernath temple allowed the sculptors to treat the cardinal niches as triptychs. They used this opportunity ingeniously to enhance the central image by providing contrasts.
The book is presented in 3 sections. The first section gives historical perspective; the second section provides detailed photographic documentation. The third section offers interpretation of the sculptures as depicting 'nitya' and 'naimittic' rituals and the role of three key persons involved in the construction of the temple.
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