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Author - Rahman Ali
Price - Rs. 2250
No. of Pages - 243 Pages
Size - 24.5cmx19cm
Web Price - Rs. 2025
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  Language - English
    About The Book

    The present book is a result of comprehensive study of Dasarna Region (East Malwa). The author has surveyed scientifically the monuments, of the area ascribed to the period ranging from circa 600 B.C. to 1300 A.D. Thus the study is divided into ten chapters. After the introduction; second chapter has important geographical features and historical backdrops while third chapter is glance of socio-economic and religious conditions, which inspired and patronized the cultural activities in the Dasarnadesa (East Malwa).

    The later chapters include the study of ancient monuments related with the major sects like Buddhist, Hindu and Jain at different places in Dasarna, study of Hindu temples of early medieval period like pre-Gupta and later - Gupta era with most important example of Bhumija mode is temple of Udayesvara (Dist. Vidisha) built by the Paramar rulers like Udayaditya in 1050 - 1080 A.D. Moreover it also consists of study of defensive architecture and miscellaneous art of the raising monolothic pillars for religious purposes and the study of iconography of different divinities related with Buddhist, Jain and Brahmanical religions and the sculptures of the Yaksa and Yaksinis, with some rare scultpures of Brahmanical dieties and Yaksinis have been brought to notice which claim to be rare and hold the unique position in entire range on Indian heritage. Several plates, photographs, maps and line drawings authenticate the text.

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