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Author - G.N. Pant
Price - Rs. 500
No. of Pages - 116 Pages
Size - 25cmx18.5cm
Web Price - Rs. 450
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  Language - English
    About The Book

    Bharat Kala Bhavan plays a pivotal role in spreading awareness of the cultural heritage of India and related importance. It is a museum which exhibits a rare collection of art and archeological specimens like sculptures, terracotta?s, coins, seals, pottery, beads, inscriptions, epigraphic records, paintings, jeweler, metal crafts, glass work etc.

    This book forms a catalogue of its collection of arms and armours between 16th and 19th century A.D. The collection is classified into 3 types: decorative, ceremonial and functional. The brief description of many much weapons are provided along with length, width, features of bows, arouse, quirers, swords, daggers, maces, battle axes, spears, armours, shield and fire arms.

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