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Author - Satish Pande
Price - Rs. 975
No. of Pages - 329 Pages
Size - 21.5cmx14cm
Web Price - Rs. 940
First Edition Date - 2011
Current Edition Date - 2013
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  Language - Marathi/English
    About The Book

This book is written by three authors viz. Dr. Satish Pande, Pramod Deshpande and Niranjan Sant.

The authors have thoroughly reviewed the published literature and have supplements this data with their own field studies conducted across Maharashtra over several years. This book incorporates all the reported 568 bird species, which are arranged as per the evolutionary taxonomical sequence of the bird families. The status, field characters, habits, habitats, nests and food preferences are given for each species are shown wherever relevant. All these aspects are very useful for bird identification. Besides excellent and fresh photographs, this book presents valuable information on the geography, climate, vegetation, protected areas and important bird areas in Maharashtra. The book lists the endemic and threatened bird species in the state and provides interesting information about stamps and the coins on birds. The topic of bird vocalizations is a neglected subject in India. A separate chapter in this book attempts to introduce the reader to this subject and familiarize him/her with the sonograms of some bird songs. Bird vocalizations as a subject has tremendous research potential. In short, the is the 1st bilingual guide to ?Birds of Maharashtra?, symbols for habit, habitat, nest and food are shown for each bird. Key ID features in Marathi and English. Tips on bird watching are given. Protected areas, IBA?s, and state birds are listed in this book.

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