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Author - V. Latha
Price - Rs. 1500
No. of Pages - 171 Pages
Size - 25cmx19cm
Web Price - Rs. 1350
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  Language - English
    About The Book

    The book deals with the later expansion of the rock-cut caves in the Puttukottai region with structural additions under the Colas, later Pandyas and Vijayanagar Nayak rulers. The book is with special reference to Putukkottai region including the rituals and festivals in temples in the region. In the 5 chapters of the book, architectural features, iconological perspectives and developments in early caves with geo-physical setting of Putukkottai, its rulers Pandyas, Muttaraiyar and the Pallavas along with the immortal services rendered by the Vijayanagara- nayak rulers to rejuvenate the temples after the infamous regime of Mussalmans are portrayed in the epigraphs.

    Nice account of architectural features of the caves, iconography in the cave temples, later developments and additions to early caves, account of the on-going festivals and nityapujas in the caves is given.

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