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Author - Mukund Joshi
Price - Rs. 300
No. of Pages - 116 Pages
Size - 24cmx18cm
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  Language - English
    About The Book

This bookset is a combination of 2 books of Major Mukund Joshi namely:- Dakshin Digvijay book in English and Shivajiche Dakshinetil Samrajya in Marathi.

    This book is a compilation of various articles relating to historic for last 125 years and some suggestions about what the history lovers and researchers should do. Importance of social history, place of local history in the national history, importance of historical places, how to maintain the historic inheritance, and the responsibility of historians and history teaches are few factors discussed by the author.

    Author provides the political situation in the Deccan Southern India with brief account on Adilshah, Kutubshah, Keldi, Mysore, Palegar and Europeans who were the rulers with politics. Author also adds the description and routes of the campaign with events and places like Gingi , defeat of Sherkhan, Vyankoji's defeat, Bangalore, Tungabhadra, Bhaganagar, Vellore, along with Shivajis fort and military administration. The book also features the routes of Shivajis movements in the South with the help of maps which is an important aspect of military history.

    The aim of this booklet is to demarcate Shivajis Kingdom in south and area with Shivajis administration. Shivaji had establish his own kingdom on equally large area. To show this, various evidences. Author provides the background with Vijaynagar empire, expansion of Adilshah and Kutubshah Kingdom and administration Shivajis empire is mentioned and how it expanded in the south is given.

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