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Author - A. K. Warder
Price - Rs. 700
No. of Pages - 528 Pages
Size - 22cmx14.5cm
Web Price - Rs. 630
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  Language - English
    About The Book

    The book consists of reference to numerous Pali manuscripts. The author has aimed to present various ideas and conceptions found in Pali language and its coritings and making available in English. Translation has been the means employed as being the most effectual, and the order pursued is in the main that of the Buddhist ?Three Jewels?, (in Pali, Ti - Ratana), to wit, The Buddha, the Doctrine and the Order.

    The selections of the first chapter are on The Buddha; next follow these which deal chiefly with the Doctrine; while others concerning the order and secular life constitute the end chapter.

    To a beginner, who doesn?t know Indo ? Aryan language like Sanskrit, ancient Pali language is easier than medieval and more interesting. Intention here is to cover Pali grammar and syntax in comprehensive manner with easy to learn arrangement of the book.

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