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Author - G.S. Sardesai
Price - Rs. 6000
No. of Pages - 4262 Pages
Size - 12.5cmx18.5cm
Web Price - Rs. 5000
Current Edition Date - 2017
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book
The book is distributed in eight volumes, as is the historical research by Mr. G.S.Sardesai, on the Maratha Empire. This book is considered as the only integral and detailed historic resource available on the Maratha Empire spread over 250nyears from the time of Malojiraje Bhosale till end of Maratha rule in 1818 A.D.

    It is the only history written in Marathi from 1600 A.D. that is from the birth of shahaji Raje till 1818 will the chronological details of important events and people. History lovers can get detailed knowledge of about the diplomacy, achievements, bravery and failure of the Maratha rule from this book.

    The parts mainly consist details as Part 1- Shahaji & Shivaji, Part 2- Sambhaji & Rajaram, Part 3- Shau I, Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath,Bajirao I, Part4-Peshwa Balaji Bairao, Part 5- Madhavrao, Narayanrao & Raghunath peshwe, Part 6- Ramraja, Shahu II Sawai Madhavrao, Part 7- Shahu II & Sawai Madhavrao, Part 8- Shahu II and Bajirao II.

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