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Author - Uddhav Thackeray
Price - Rs. 100
No. of Pages - 91 Pages
Size - 21cmx28cm
Web Price - Rs. 100
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  Language - English
    About The Book

    In this book, the author an avid photographer has depicted the heritage of Maharashtra in form of photographs taken aerially as also the name suggests. Various aspects of Maharashtra can be seen from the photographs of the book, which is not meant to be read but seen. We have seen plenty of photographs of forts and temples from land, but the view from top taken through a helicopter is amazing.

    In the different sections done in this book, ?Echoes of the glorious part? consists of the strongholds of Shivaji Maharaj i.e. the historic forts like Raigad, Torna, Purandar, Shivneri and brief information. Next category ?The blessed Land? shows the spirituality of Maharashtra and sanctity of temples like Saptashrungi, Ambabai of Kolhapur, Vithal temple of Pandharpur. ?Carved Forever? represents the Ajanta, Ellora, Kanheri, Karla caves whereas, ?Timeless development, endless journeys' consist of the lifelines i.e. the major rivers of Maharashtra i.e. Chandrabhaga, Krishna, Mutha, Vashishti etc. and various paths of development. Section ?Mumbai Soul of Maharashtra? depicts the normal life from Mumbai city. While ?Unframed moments in the frame? has a creative collection of photography related to the nature and other resources of Maharashtra.

    All these photographs are truly professional, beautiful and illustrative, worth having in collection.

Please note that the price of this book was Rs. 144.00 for some books in 2nd edition and now in 4th edition, the book is Paperback book with Rs. 100. Which now we dispatch, previously it was hard back book.

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