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Author - Prabhakar Bhave
Price - Rs. 100
No. of Pages - 120 Pages
Size - 21cm x 14cm
Web Price - Rs. 95
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    Author Prabhakar Bhave narrates an important event in the history of the Shivaji's period, which is considered as important by all the history-lovers. The war of Pratapgad between Shivaji and Afzalkhan is the main highlight of the book. Author describes this incident as the one revealing the bravery of Shivaji and the cruelty and pride of Afzalkhan with all the supportive details of the history.

    Author describes the various factors related to the war of Pratapgad like the arrogant attitude of Chandrarao More, Pratapgad features, description of Afzalkhan and the actual war between Shivaji and Afzalkhan in detail.

    Thus the very important event of the Shivaji's period is described in detail which gives us an idea of the bravery and thoughtfulness of Shivaji on the war front and the achievement done due to the performance and sacrifice of the Marathas.

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