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Author - Vilas Kane
Price - Rs. 150
No. of Pages - 108 Pages
Size - 24.5cmx17cm
Web Price - Rs. 135
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book
The book reveals the exciting experiences of the friends of snakes also known as 'Sarpamitra' while their encounters with snakes. These are various incidents full of humour, fear and bravery. At the same time, we get to learn about the snakes from the stories narrated here.

These include incidents occured while going for an outing, or at home, or other surroundings where an effort to remove the false beliefs about snakes is also done by putting forth the facts which are mostly unknown. There are also distinct reactions which a person shows instantly when a snake is seen. Some try to catch them, or direct them to go away or call the friend of snakes or also kill them.

There are many such friends of snakes who work voluntarily for the conversation of snakes and also keep away false beliefs of snakes whcih happen to be a boon for the nature. The stories in the book happen to be quite intresting.
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