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Author - R.D. Palsokar
Price - Rs. 450
No. of Pages - 286 Pages
Size - 22cmx14cm
Web Price - Rs. 400
First Edition Date - 1973
Current Edition Date - 10/2020
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  Language - English
    About The Book
This is a Comprehensive and objective biographical study of the Shivaji. He was an outstanding general and efficient civil administrator. This book provides a powerful critical analysis of Shivaji's strategic tactics of guerrilla warfare and the judicious principles implemented in battle. It examines the greatness of his political and military genius highlighting his personal instinct and unfailing insight into the character of others which attributed to his success.

Author has written this book primarily for the Defence Services officers who wish to study the strategy and tactics of Shivaji.

The first chapter is devoted to the Essentials of Guerrilla war so that one can assess for himself if Shivaji was truly a great guerrilla. Author have tried to anlyse the campaigns and battles of Shivaji in the light of the Principles of War.

A detailed study of the battles shows how shivaji made full use of guerrilla tactics to establish a firm base and then took recourse to conventional fiighting.

While describing the battles, preparations for the battles and subsequent execution in different phases including exploitation along with maps.

Overall this is a unique book written by army person studying the techniques of guerrilla war of Shivaji.
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