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Author - Annabhau Sathe
Price - Rs. 200
No. of Pages - 208 Pages
Size - 18cm x 12cm
Web Price - Rs. 180
Current Edition Date - 01/2015
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    This book is a novel based on some of the incidents in the life of prominent soldier of Shivaji Maharaj i.e. Prataprao Gujar. Prataprao Gujar had his native place as 'Mogra' village.

    After death of Afzalkhan, Bahidkhan had decided firmly to attack Shivaji Maharaj. After this bitter knowledge, Shivaji discussed the issue with Prataprao Gujar, Hambirrao Mohite, Netaji Palkar, Yesaji Kank and built up a plan to handle Bahlo lkhan. In this compaiga, Prataprao was playing an important role and defeated Bahlolkhan ending up with a compromise for all in return.

    Thinking of fact that Shivaji had let Bahlolkhan go after defeart, on the same lines, Prataprao recovered large amount and let him go with his life. But after hearing this news, Shivaji Maharaj was angry with him and wrote a letter that senapati hs to fight or imprison the enemy but doesn't have right to compromise with enemy, asking Prataprao to inprison Bahlolkhan and not to show his face otherwise. Restless Prataprao searched for khan and overtook him at Nesri where he fought battle and ended his brave life on the field.

    Author has described the above situation in a very effective manner, which is felt from the heart. Author also describes other stories relating to Prataprao Gujar and at the same period.

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