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Author - Y.N. Kelkar
Price - Rs. 560
No. of Pages - 592 Pages
Size - 24.5cmx18cm
Web Price - Rs. 532
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

This bookset is a combination of 2 books of Y.N.Kelkar namely:- 'Aitihasik Powade' and 'Tant Kavi Tatha Shahir'

    A Powada is a Medieval poetic form which had under Maratha regime in marathi or chronicle and oral tradition as the powada or ballad. Powada has been an unique medium which reflected the society of the day, allowing historians a glimpse of social, economic, religious and cultural aspects.

    In this book, 78 historic powadas are described in a very comprehensive and meaningful way. Book has a preface of about 57 pages and includes the detailed history of powadas with their features. Many powadas were written in 'modi script' and are translated into devnagri script with their meanings provided in marathi.

    with the overview of the contents, the powadas given in this book are from the death of Afzalkhan to 3rd Raghuji Bhosale in all 78 powadas forming the part of the tenure of maratha history.

    Shahir means a poet, but in terms of marathi literature it means poet for social cause spreading certain awareness among people. Such literature related to Shahir describes the ongoing social aspects, incidents, expectations, biographies of great brave people.

    This book introduces the poetic forms of Shahirs and their work where preface consists of meaning of Shahir, his poetic features, and literature.

    Five famous and main Shahirs are described along their characteristics, their poetic qualities and the social and historic aspects revealed in their poetry. Shahir & powadas is an inseperable aspect so both are equally intresting to learn & know.

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