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Author - Kundan Tambe
Price - Rs. 250
No. of Pages - 288 Pages
Size - 21.5cmx14cm
Web Price - Rs. 225
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    After the death of Shivaji Maharaj and sacrifice by Sambhaji Maharaj, it seemed that the downfall of Maratha kingdom was certain. But during this same period, a brave twenty year old young man single handedly held the Maratha flag for twenty years without any defeat. This young man whose performance was more superior than Nepolean too was Bajirao Peshwa I.

    He was the repersentative of Hindu and Maratha kingdom. This book is a novel briefing about the whole life of Bajirao I full of dramatic, struggling, and inspirational incidents, along with him, there are some stories related to his dearest colleagues like Pilaji Jadhavrao, Ranoji Shinde, Malharrao Holkar, and Chimaji Appa. Along with an account of Mastani, daughter of king Chatrasal and ardent lover of Bajirao is also included.

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