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Author - M.S. Naravane
Price - Rs. 895
No. of Pages - 261 Pages
Size - 25cmx19cm
Web Price - Rs. 895
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  Language - English
    About The Book

    The honourable East India Company was 'often inglorious and almost never honourable'. Yet it came to trade and ended up by establishing an empire. There were a number of milestones during it's 250 year journey, from 1612 to 1849. There were triumphs and tragedies; acts of great valour and dignity as well as acts of disrepute and disgrace.

    The empire was acquired mainly by military force. The native rulers were subjugated by conquests. They were shackled by treaties. They were allowed to exist at the pleasure of the Governor General. This book is the story of that conquest and major battles of the East India Company. The battles include the naval battle off the coast of Swally(suhali) in 1612 to the Second Sikhwar and annexation of the Punjab in 1849. The Afghan and Burma wars and the mutiny of 1857 are excluded.

    Appendies cover topics like the list of Governor Generals, acquisition by the East India Company, Choronology of Events, battle, a note on Ellropeans serving in armies of Indian Rulers and important Genealogies. 74 maps illustrate the various events and are an important feature of this book.

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