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Author - P.N.Oak
Price - Rs. 460
No. of Pages - 367 Pages
Size - 21.5cm x 14cm
Web Price - Rs. 410
First Edition Date - 01/1992
Current Edition Date - 21/07/2010
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    Just as the foreign enemy attacked our nation?s wealth i.e. palaces and parks and destroyed it, likewise they runned and distributed our history also. Author here also has studied that the Portugese, British amd Mughals have been helpful in a sense as they left out some evidences.

    Right from 1712 to 1947, India was ruled by foreign nationals due to which history has been we have a compulsive hiatory, due to the permanency of their religion still existing. Thus with various documents relating to ancient India was considered. Hindu?s fought aginst the Islamic enemy and struggles to maintain the Hinduism, the western countries have already been defeated by terrorism.

    Author has considered various facts as well as myths here in this book with appropriate examples. Book depicts that the gardens, music, arts monuments were developed by hindus but all were later attacked and captred bt the muslims and redeveloped them as Muslim properties. Eg:- Shalimar is a word derived from ?Shali Marg? originally a hindu word; ?Martand Mandir? is called as Maaran now pinjor garden in Panjab was originally known as Panchpur. Author questions that if Lal Mahal at Delhi was built by Emperor Akbar then why would have the lotus and Elephant carved on it which are hindu signs. Like these many examples are elaborated by the author and are quite convincing that the muslim places/monuments/traditions were originally hindu places/ traditions.

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