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Author - H.M.Marathe
Price - Rs. 415
No. of Pages - 1207 Pages
Size - 21.5cmx14cm
Web Price - Rs. 350
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book
This Bookset is of 15 books on the revolution against the spread of false beliefs about Brahmins in the society. In short, each book has different aspects covered briefed as follows :

Brahamanana anakhin kiti zodapnar?
The author questions about the discrimination the Brahmins receive from the non - Brahmin society even though seeing all the contribution of Brahmins in various sectors.

Brahaman parakiya aahet ka?
Arya people in the ancient society were non - locals & quite aggressive and Brahmins are the descenders of the Aryas and hence non - locals is advocated by the Brahmin opponents. Book reveals as to if it is factful or not.

Chatrapati shivaji maharaj yanchya karyat Brahmanancha sahabhag.
Brahmin opponents have started advocating that Brahmins were the main enemy of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj which, is untrue.

Marathi swarajya Brahaman peshwyani budavile ka?
When the Maratha kingdom was ended in 1818, the Peshwa post was held by Brahmins and wrongly spread is the fact that Brahmins were the real cause of the downfall.

Mahatma phule yanchya karyat brahamanancha sahabhag.
Mahatma Phule has contributed a lot for the upliftment of society. Brahmin - opponents believe that his work was opposed by Brahmins. This was wrong as a Brahmin family gave place to Mahatma Phule for starting a school for girls.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedakar yanchya karyat brahamanancha sahabhag.
Brahmins have contributed in the upliftment of the Bahujan Samaj and the untouchables.

Vidrohi Brahaman
The thickness of Bahujan Samaj spread that Brahmins were orthodox. But factually Brahmins have acted pragmatically more than 70 - 80 years back and how that is mentioned here.

Brahaman chalaval kashasathi?
The need of the revolution by Brahmins who face obstacles in economic front too is discussed here.

Brahaman nindechi navi lat
The wrong conceptions about Brahmins in the society in recent times.

Shambuk, Ekalavya yanchya dukhhana Brahaman jababdar aahet ka?
This book makes away the belief that Brahmins retorted against the studies for backward class society.

Brahamanmanas - Sankalan - Sampadan.
The current scenario of the Brahmins in the society is revealed in the discussed 138 letters.

Sant Tukaramancha khun kharokharach Brahamanani kela asel kay?
The true fact is revealed in this book.

Parshuramani pruthvi kharokharach Nishastriya keli hoti kay?
Book revealing the deeds and work of Lord Parshuram.

Brahamanettar tarunano, hi ghya tumachya shankanchi uttare!
All the answers to the queries of the non - Brahmin youth in the society.

Gandh, shendi, Janave aani Brahaman chalaval
The revolution by Brahmins in the society and the aim behind the conventions.
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