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Author - M.S. Naravane
Price - Rs. 250
No. of Pages - 128 Pages
Size - 27cmx17cm
Web Price - Rs. 250
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  Language - English
    About The Book

    The Marathas were the predecessors of the British in India and their decline and fall is a sorrytale indeed. This book is not just about the end of Maratha power in India, but also covers the background before the decline started, as well as the process itself, which was not a sudden event, but which took years and decades to manifest itself. It is a skill of author, which makes it believable, on account of logical approach and strength of the narrative; based on a large amount research and diligence.

    Maratha power evokes the magnetism and personality of that great warrior and statesman, Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Author has briefly touched on appearance of Shivaji & immediate period after his demise. The book essentially focuses on the history of Marathas in post Shivaji period.

    With the interesting point to be judged author puts forth facts for whether Maratha Empire existed or was it a confederacy. On the whole the story narrated is dismal one, but which needs to be narrated without bias and only from a historical point of view which author has successfully done it.

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