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Author - Prabhakar Deo
Price - Rs. 250
No. of Pages - 288 Pages
Size - 21.5cm x 14cm
Web Price - Rs. 238
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book
In the river valleys in Maharashtra,like Tapi,Goda and Kirshna,Goda river valley is widest. 'Goda' means Godavari.Godavari river emerges or takes birth in Trimbak Mountain range near Nashik.In Godavari valley,itself ancient mythalogical remains have ben found;which further were known as Panchavati from Ramayan,Satavahans from Paithan,Rashtrakutas from Ellora(Verul),Chalukyas from Kalyani,Yadavs from Deogiri which were capitals located in Godavari river valley only.

     The book consists of research findings of various authors which are complied by Dr.Parbhakar Deo.These passages seem to be in very simple and informative language depicting history.

     The inital articles mentioned various aspects like wide expanse of Godavari river,its birth,valleys,environment, subrivers in detail.Subsequent articles contained are the copper age culture of the Godavari valley,historic background, caves by Dr.Deghurkar which include the Ajanta and Ellora caves.

     Mr.Balsekar has contributed about the various coins found in this area along with various facts of flora and fauna in this river valley is given by Mr.Naik and Yardi.Thus forming a good compilation of the history and culture of Godavari river valley.

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