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Author - Firoz & Rashmi Ranade
Price - Rs. 700
No. of Pages - 228 Pages
Size - 24cm x 18cm
Web Price - Rs. 680
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    A small town on an island on the Konkan coast i.e. Mumbai within no time become a metropolitan city includes an exciting story of progress. Mumbai right from ancient period had various people of different cast and religion.

    Mumbai was termed to be situated on seven island namely Kulaba, Old woman's island ,Mumbai, Mazgaon, Poral-shivadi, Mahim and Worli. After year 1720, these seven island were joined together making addition land available. Gradually the development happened and it become a major commercial hub.

    Author also takes into account the various places of worship followed by various religions in Mumbai describing their history in brief. Along with it with selective 2000 places are depicts along with photographs. All this depits the religious, cultural, social, political and economic position of the city.

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