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Author - Prabhakar Bhave
Price - Rs. 80
No. of Pages - 84 Pages
Size - 21.5cm x 14cm
Web Price - Rs. 72
First Edition Date - 08/1996
Current Edition Date - 06/2017
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

    Netaji Palkar was one of the brave and courageous soldier of Shivaji Maharaj who faced many hardships for ten years out of the kingdom, but Shivaji Maharaj, proudly accepted him again.

    Netaji was loyal, honest and down to earth and was a head soldier of Purandar fort. He was against the illegal atrocities of the Mughals and fought against it by participating in Swarajya. He was much supportive to the principles of Swarajya and was also termed as the 'Right hand of Shivaji Maharaj'.

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