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Author - Mahesh Tendulkar
Price - Rs. 100
No. of Pages - 112 Pages
Size - 21.5cm x 14cm
Web Price - Rs. 90
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  Language - Marathi/English
    About The Book

     The book is on various Portugese bells erected in famous hindu temples.During the war of Peshwa period,the Marathas obtained numerous bells of huge size from Protugese chruches.Just as these bells featured their huge size,the ringing sound of each bell was pleasant and unique.Hence with true faith warriors started offering these bells to various dieties, considering them as a symbol of victory too.

     Many bells were obtained by brother of Bajirao ie Chimajiappa from various Portugese Chruches during the Vasai fort campaign.The book reveals information on European Chruches,sizes and their distinct sounds.

     Unique information enriches us about the bells in various temples which are worth seeing once.

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