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Author - Shriniwas Sathe
Price - Rs. 325
No. of Pages - 289 Pages
Size - 21.5cmx14cm
Web Price - Rs. 320
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  Language - Marathi
    About The Book

     Prachin Kalyan

    In this book, author has mentioned the overall history of Kalyan from its ancient period till the end of Peshwa tenure giving an overview of Kalyan.

    From many evidences, Kalyan has been found to be of vital importance as also it was vital place on the trade routes of sea, major connecting point of communication from the ghat section with immense heritage. Kalyan has been right through the Shilahar era as can be known through various sections of historic documents and the famous Shiv temple of Ambernath is known since way back.

    Author himself has studied and described the historic details which also reveal which rule prevailed in Kalyan during diffrent decades and has described Kalyan through the ancient period before christ till year 1800.

     Heritage of Kalyan

    This book is pictoral inheritance of Kalyan with the size 18 cm x 21.5 cm. Various places which are a form of heritage in Kalyan are displayed in the book with a photo and brief description of each.

    Ancient wadas, ie Southern Maratha style of housing, various temples, muslim manzils, masjid, churches and agiyaris, other pattterns of buildings, various entrances of old styles, windows, halls(diwankhanas), niches, historical remains, landmarks are shown in this book forming heritage of Kalyan.

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