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Author - V.G. Khobrekar
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No. of Pages - 524 Pages
Size - 25cm x 15cm
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  Language - Marathi/English
    About The Book
The present book is a brief record of all the events in maratha history between 1630 to 1707 A.D. covering the major part of Shivaji period and the small but immediate period after his death.The history of marathas in the sahyadris had been full of bravery and sacrifice. Author gives a brief background before 1630 and initiates the details about the work of swarjya and its beginning.

The historic facts noted in the book needed much support of evidence which the author has refered to many historic documents, Bakhars from the Shivaji era. The pre-Shivaji period consists of the background of ancestors of Shivaji Maharaj in brief including the performnance and bravery of Shivaji Maharaj. The period from 1630 includes brief historic aspects about Shivaji Maharaj, his birth, childhood, establishment of swarajya, its expansion, vital events like battle of Panhalgad, Afzalkhan, expansion in Konkan region, Surat attack, Sindhudurg, Janjira battles, escape from Agra, his coronation ceremony, Karnatak campaigns and relations of Shivaji with the British and Europeans.

Further details about Sambhaji Maharaj consist of his introduction in the kingdom, dealing with Prince Akbar Siddhis, British, Portuguese and the Mughals, his campigns in Konkan and Karnatak and his sympathatic death. Author also adds up brief performance about Rajaram Maharaj in Swarajya with his battles in Konkan and Jinji.

Thus in addition of covering the brief historic events of Shivaji era, author puts light on very important subject i.e. the administration of swarajya, social, cultural and economic life during Shivaji Period. The administration covers the positions and functioning of army, forts and the naval defence. Various other topics covered under the topics are the village panchayat system, administration, agricultural income, income in swarjya, social life, family affairs and position of woman in society.

All these topics put us into a good position of knowing the scenario of the period of chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj covering all the basic and necessary historic facts.
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