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A gazetteer literally means only a geographical index or a geographical dictionary the scope of this particular compilation is much wider. Gazetteers were first published in India during British period. The necessity of compiling gazetteers was felt by Britishers out of need to provide an account that would give a new collector a comprehensive and at the same time, a distinct idea of the district which he has been sent to administrator.

The Gazetteer was thus intented to give a complete picture of the district to men who were entire strangers to India and its people but who as rulers carried on their shoulders the responsibility of conducting its administration. With this view in mind the contents of this gazetteer provide information practically on every walk of life.

Accordingly the department has reprinted altogether 20 Gazetteer volumes of the districts that form present state of Maharashtra. Out of these 20 volumes, 11 belong to the former Bombay Presidency, 8 to the former Central Provinces and Berar there were two types of series A and B. A series is descriptive in nature whereas B series contains statistical data. Therefore only A series is reproduced and one volume to former Nizam's Dominions.

This set contains following 21 CDs :

Gazetteer of Bombay City and Island Vol.I,II,II.
Ratnagiri and Sawantwadi District Gazetteer Vol.X.
Khandesh District Gazetteer Vol.X.
Thane District Gazetteer Vol.VII,Par-I,Vol.VII,Par-II.
Thane District Gazetteer Places of Interest Vol.XIV.
Nashik District Gazetteer Vol.XVI.
Kolaba District Gazetteer Vol.XI.
Satara District Gazetteer Vol.XIX.
Solapur District Gazetteer Vol.XX.
Pune District Gazetteer Vol.XVIII,Par-I,II,III.
Kolhapur District Gazetteer Vol.XXIV.
Ahmednagar District Gazetteer Vol.XVII.

Wardha District Gazetteer Vol.A.
Yavatmal District Gazetteer Vol.A
Buldhana District Gazetteer Vol.A.
Akola District Gazetteer Vol.A.
Amravati District Gazetteer Vol.A.
Nagpur District Gazetteer Vol.A.
Bhandara District Gazetteer Vol.A.
Chanda District Gazetteer Vol.A.

Aurangabad District Gazetteer.

The Gazeetters of Bombay Presidency Vol.I , Part-II.
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