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Online Payment FAQ
How exactly credit card transaction is done on sahyadribooks.com web site?
You purchase a book of say Rs. 750/- and pay the amount by entering your credit card number, then it is forwarded to the gateway and authorized in real time, it means that the amount of Rs. 750/- is blocked from your credit card limit for a period of 13 days. For e.g. If your credit card has a credit limit of Rs. 40,000/-, Rs. 750/- will be blocked for sahyadribooks.org transaction for a period of 13 days from the time of the transaction from web site. After doing the transaction from the web site, you will have a credit card limit of Rs. 39,250/- left. Rs. 750 that is blocked for 13 days will not be reflected in your credit card statement until and unless we (i.e. sahyadribooks.org) capture the order from payment gateway.

Therefore it is sure that we will ship/courier the order within 12 days and capture the order. After we capture the order, the debit of Rs. 750/- be reflected in your credit card statement

If we do not ship you the book and capture the said amount within 12 days, the transaction automatically evaporates from the payment gateway system on the 13th day and the credit card limit of Rs. 40,000/- is restored to your credit card. We cannot block the amount of your card forever.
What is the sequence of events that occur after an order is placed?
After a you place an order, we immediately send an order confirmation to your E-mail address. This can also be used as an invoice or receipt, if you choose to print the E-mail message.

Payment gateway system processes the orders in real time. Occasionally, an order may take longer than four to six hours to process, depending on the credit card issuing bank's computer systems, and whether the issuing bank requests special authorization procedures. Sometimes payment gateway may also require you to undergo manual authorization for which you will be asked to fax a Xerox copy of your credit card or your statement or other identification information on payment gateway’s Fax numbers. (Manual authorization is very rare case for normal transactions)
Do I receive a message confirming that an order was shipped?
We send a message when the order is shipped; however, we also include an estimate of the date, when the order will arrive to you.
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Online Payment FAQ
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