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Shipping Information
When is my Credit card billed against the order?
Please be assured that your credit card will be billed only once we dispatch the order.
How can I return the Books?
Books once dispatched cannot be returned back, until you get wrong book or damaged (torn) books. The complaint for replacement against the wrong or damaged books can be sent within 15 days of order delivery, after this period the same will not be applicable.
How can I cancel an order?
You can always cancel an order before shipment against the order. In case of cancellation, you can send us a mail subjected Cancellation with order number at
books@sahyadribooks.org. Or you can call us for the same. Order once dispatched,
will not be canceled.
How can I get the refund against the canceled order?
We will not be charging for you against the titles we are unable to service the order. However, in case of payment mode Cheque/DD. The amount against the canceled title either will be refund to you or that will be credited in your account. Also as per your advice, we can keep it as a balance with us, which will gets adjusted automatically with your any future purchase with us.
About Complaints
Any complaints regarding non delivery/missing pages in book/incorrect item delivered/missing items in order delivered (In short any type of complaint) will be entertained only within 30 days from the Order date. We will not be able to cater any complaints after 30 days from the Order date. Please email us at books@sahyadribooks.com In case of any complaint.
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